About Us

AmexDrug CorporationsAmexDrug Corporation is a vertically integrated company focused in healthcare and operating in the highly lucrative pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical industries. Amexdrug is a publicly traded company with stock symbol:

AmexDrug CorporationsOur mission is to help our customers achieve success by offering healthcare products, services and business solutions high in quality, safety, and cost-efficiency while maintaining the highest level of integrity, innovation and honesty.

The company operates through seven business units: Allied Med Wholesale Drug Company, Dermagen Inc., BioRx Pharma. BioRx Laboratories, Sponix Products, Royal Health Care, Amexhealth Plan and BioRx Labels. Through its subsidiaries, Amexdrug mainly sells products to independent pharmacies, small chin pharmacies, hospitals, clinics, laboratories, universities, veterinary hospitals/clinics, doctors’ offices and other health care settings.

Our mission has always been to deliver highest quality and best value to our customers. Our customers can depend on our cost effective products and services to succeed and grow.