Biorx Pharma

BioRx Pharma
BioRx Pharma, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Amexdrug, located in Los Angeles, California, is a manufacturer and distributor of quality cost saving pharmacy supplies, packaging and a leading source of other health-care related products for pharmacy operations nationwide.

Our expertise lies in quality cost saving pharmacy supplies, packaging, Vials, Bottles Jars, Droppers, Rx bags, Rx Folders and Pads, Gloves, Blood Pressure Monitors and Toner Cartridges.
Our vial system supports efficient pharmacy operations and customer satisfaction. We are the leader in providing safe, compliant pharmacy products.

We manufacture and distribute nationwide to pharmacies, veterinarians, universities, hospitals and other health care professionals.

We offer the most competitive prices and the highest quality pharmacy supplies nationwide.

  • Quality pharmacy Products
  • Competitive Prices
  • Quick, Efficient and Safe Delivery
  • Easy Ordering via Phone, Fax or Web

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